Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meethi roti (sweet flat bread)

This is the favorite of my youngest one,whenever he sees me making roti's he surely ask in his cute little voice"can I have some meethi roti "

I think all the kids in desi(Indian or Pakistani) families must fan of this roti!! I also enjoyed these when I was young:))

Lets make some meethi roti

Ok you will need

Soft dough made with whole wheat flour

Ghee,butter or oil



Make a ball a little bigger then golf ball

Roll it out about six inches

Spread a little ghee, oil or butter on your rolled bread

Then sprinkle sugar evenly on it

Now cover half way through from top and bottom

And then on the sides making a square

Press it down and roll out a square roti

Cook it on a heated griddle using oil to fry it la little

Serve warm to your little kiddos and I hope they surely will enjoy!!!

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