Monday, October 8, 2012

Poori(fried puffed flat bread)

Assalamo alaikum

Saturday and Sunday mornings are very special in our family .Everybody is home and in a relax mood ,we enjoy sitting together eating warm and traditional breakfast i.e Poori, Sooji (semolina) halwa and garbanzo beans curry.Whenever I don't make this my daughter comes to me all sad and saying "it's Weekend why we are not having halwa and poori ( her favorite part)"

I want to share my poori recipe with you guys I hope you all will enjoy and next I will be posting Sooji halwa also.

Ingredients :

4 cups flour

2 tbsp oil

1 1/2 tsp salt or to taste


Oil for frying


first mix dry ingredients that is salt and flour .Now thoroughly mix 2 tbsp oil into dry mixture.After that add water 1/2 cup at a time mixing well with your hand and or in a food processor that what I use to make my dough ,it cuts my job in half .Mixing little water at a time make you control how soft or hard you want your dough to be and this recipe we are looking for a soft dough.Ok now your dough is ready cover and let it rest for 15 mins or so .

Heat your oil in a deep wok on a medium high heat.After the dough is well rested make golf ball size balls out of dough


and roll it out into a six inch circle .


Test you oil by putting a small piece of dough in it ,if it turns brown right away your oil is too hot, lower the heat a little bit and after 1 or two minutes add your rolled out flat bread in the oil ,it should start bubbling from the side with a flat spatula push your poori down it will make your poori puff up ,pushing it down from all sides so its completely puffed up and then turn it over fry until. Light golden specs appear on your poori .



Take out in a strainer so excess oil can come out .

You can make your Poori ahead just don't fry them lightly cook them on both side in flat pan ,spread them on a tray ,when cool stack them and freeze .Whenever needed defrost in room temperature and deep fry them in heated oil.

Enjoy you poori with omelette, Sooji halwa and garbanzo or potato curry.



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