Monday, November 12, 2012

Eid al Adha Mubarak!!!!

Assalamo alaikum,

Eid Mubarak to all the readers, Eid- al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice,it falls on the 10th day of the Islamic calendar’s last month, Dhul-Hijjah.

The festival commemorates Prophet Ibraheem's willingness to follow Allah's command to sacrifice his son Ishmael and Ishmael's consent to being sacrificed. Today, it is is marked by slaughtering animals to feed the poor. Coming at the end of the Hajj, a journey of dedication and purification, Eid al-Adha is understood as an opportunity for second chances.

Prophet Ibrahim,began having inconceivable dreams in which Allah instructed him to sacrifice Prophet Ismael Unbelievable as the dreams were, Abraham decided to follow Allah's instructions -- but not before asking Prophet Ismael if he would agree to this. The son did not hesitate, showing ultimate submission to Allah's will by telling his father to go through with the sacrifice. Then, at the very moment that Prophet Ibraheem raised the knife, Allah tells him to stop -- they had passed the test -- and to replace Prophet Ismael with a lamb.In a symbolic act, Muslims who can afford slaughter a cow,sheep,goat or camel,keeping a portion to feed themselves and distributing the rest to friends, family and the needy .Eid al-Adha falls within the annual pilgrimage to Mecca known as the Hajj