Friday, November 30, 2012

Semi homemade tandoori chicken kabobs

Assalamo alaikum,

The recipe I'm sharing with you guys is one of kids favorite ,they call these "orange kabobs" due to their tandoori orange color.This recipe is very simple either you can deep dry these or cook them shallow fry,i made these shallow fried less oil much better!!!

So here is the recipeI used Shan tandoori masala but in small quantity to give them tandoori taste and orange color.


1 pd Ground boneless chicken ( I used boneless thigh meat as it give more juicier kabobs)

2 tbsp Shan tandoori masala (available at most Indian or Pakistani stores)

1/2 tsp cumin seed ground

1/2 tsp red chilli fLakes (optional)

I small pouch instant mash potatoes

1/2 bunch finally chopped corriander

2 tsp lemon juice

2 bread slices crumbs(you can either use food processor or crumble them with your hands )


Mix together all the ingredients.let it rest for 15 min in the fridge,so it's easier to handle

Use the back of wooden spoon or skewers to make Long kabobs that are hollow in the middle .Now heat a regular or a grill pan and brush it with 1 tbsp oil (non stick pan will use less so if possible use that)

Cook on both side on medium heat, then lower the heat and cook it covered so the kabob get cooked from inside for about 10 minutes or until tender.

Serve hot with coriander chutney , sliced onions and naan.