Monday, January 20, 2014

Meethay Chawal ( sweet rice pulao)


Assalamo alaikum,

Dear readers it was that one beautiful evening when I was craving crazily for some desi (Pakistani ) dessert. Something that was quick and easy ,but most of recipes needed lots of ingredient a and lots and lots of hard work I wanted to work with the ingredients already in shopping didn't wanted to do any trips to market.Only thing came into my mind was "Meethay Chawal" I was lacking some ingredients but still could have this yummy dessert without them.So I started looking for recipe called my sister my eldest one all the way in Pakistan she gave me this great recipe that I'm sharing with you all ,my meethay chawal's were amazingly delicious I hope it work for you guys too inshAllah!!! I didn't have khoya or any ingredient to make khoya but I'm going to link you to this recipe from bajia's cooking youtube channel ,this is great video for making khoya inshAllah:)

Meethay chawal


Saila basmati rice (parboiled basmati rice) 1 1/2 cups

Food coloring orange 1/4 tsp

Sugar 1 cup

Butter unsalted 1/2 cup

Cardamom 4-5

Cloves 4-5

Cinnamon 2-4 small sticks

Whole Almond raw 1/4 cup

Golden raisins 1/4 cup



Soak rice in warm water for around 45 to 50 minutes

Cook raw whole Almond covered with water in a microwave safe bowl for 1 min

Let it cool and take off Almond skin as it slips off easily


Boil water in a big pot add food coloring and cardamom to boiling water

Now cook rice in boiling water until 80% done

Drain the rice

Now in a clean pot add butter ,cloves and cinnamon cook on low flame until butter melt and whole spices are fragrant

Add golden raisin to butter and cook for few minutes


After adding cooked rice in butter,mix thoroughly but making sure not to over mix



Cook on medium high until sugar is melted and mix evenly


On high heat ,dry the moisture from sugar


Cover the rice and simmer on low heat until rice is completely done

Now add blanched and skinned whole almonds to rice


If you have khoya sprinkle that on top

Serve hot or cold equally delicious and enjoy!!