Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kaala Chana (black gram)

Assalamo alaikum,

Alhamdulilah I'm blessed to be living in Southern California beautiful weather most of the time,don't want to make my friends living in the other side of the country where it's snow constantly every place has its pros can cons who doesn't love beautiful white snow but living there by the way I have lived in east coast four years I loved snow but with my little darling kids ,it was hard moving out and about .Still I wish and pray for everybody's safety anywhere in the world where ever they live(Ameen)


I went out of hand talking about weather and stuff actually I wanted to praise California weather 'cause we were able to enjoy an outing near a beautiful lake last week ,it was not really planned ahead just a night before we decided that.I had already planned a Kaala chana and pakora breakfast for that morning but I thought why not take the stuff to our picnic and enjoy it there and Alhamdulilah it was a good idea we enjoyed a lot !!!

My reason for all this small talk is I wanted to share my Kaala chana recipe with you guys which is not actually mine but my mothers,Kaala chana is a big staple for us during ramadan not a single day of fasting can go by without this very health and filling food filled with protien so good for fasting but we also love to enjoy it any other day of the year.It goes amazing with pakora and Kachi daal( I explain the recipe for this at the end of this recipe) .i have already shared my daal pakora recipe with you guy.

Kaala chana



Kaala chana 2 cups

Onion sliced 2 med

Oil 2 tbsp

Black pepper ground 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Water enough to cover your Kaala Chana's



Soak the Chanas at least for 3-4 hrs in warm water,they should double up in size

In a pot or pressure cooker add soaked chana,oil ,onions ,black pepper powder, red chilli powder and salt


Now I cooked my chana in pressure cooker but you can also cook it in a pot .for pressure cooker let it cook for twenty minute and please please let the cooker release all the steam then open it ,it could be very very dangerous ok!!.and in a pot cook the chana uncovered on high flame until boiling and then cook it cover on medium heat until chana it tender when press between your fingers, for pot it will take around an hr and a half to get that tenderness.

Now when your chana is tender and still have some water left cook on high heat until water dries and you have a thick gravy ,don't dry out all the water as chana would be too dry .check for salt add more to taste if needed and enjoy simply with Kachi daal .let me tell you Kachi daal recipe goes great with black chana


Kachi daal:

Ingredient :

Chana daal or yellow split pea 1/2 cup soaked in warm water for at least 2 hrs

Ginger thinly sliced 1/2 inch piece

Lemon juice 3 tbsp

Green chillies 2 sliced

Salt to taste

Drain soaked chana daal and add rest of the ingredients mix well ,serve with Kaala chana and daal pakora and enjoy!!

Love your kind word,any thing you would to see on my blog any thing to change please share your experience with my recipe:)Thanks