Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chicken Chow mein



Assalamo alaikum,


Chinese food is one of the favorite meal in my household when it's time to go out for dinner most of the time Chinese is on top of our list.i also love cooking Chinese at home specially when you want to give your taste buds some change of flavors .chow mein being one of a favourite dish for my kids I often make it and it doesn't take much time too if you plan ahead a bit .today I'm sharing my simple chow mein recipe which I learned from a Chinese cookbook ,just added some spice to adjust to my desi taste lol but very simple yet delicious recipe!!!



Chicken chow mein


Chow mein Noodles 1 6 oz packet

Boneless chicken leg cut in small cubes or thin strips 2lbs

Garlic cloves 4-5 finally chopped

Oil 3-4 tbsp

Coleslaw mix 1 cup ( this makes life easy)

Yellow onion 1/2 medium sliced

Chopped green onions or scallions1/2 cup

Sliced green bell pepper 1/2 cup ( I had red so i used that)

Sugar 2 tsp

Soy sauce 3 tbsp

Whole dried red chilies 2-3

Salt to taste

Chilli garlic sauce 2 tbsp ( use less or more as per your taste)

egg white 1

Corn starch 2 tsp


Marinate chicken pieces in 1 tbsp of soy sauce,1 tbsp of chilli garlic paste, egg white ,cornstarch and 2 tsp oil leave it in refrigerator for about an hr or so

Mix together in a bowl 1 tbsp soy sauce, sugar and 1 tbsp oil and set aside

Boil noodles as per package direction

Drain and run cold water over it ,as sometimes noodles get sticky ( learned by bad experience)

Now after draining toss the noodles with soy sauce and oil mixture

Take out marinated chicken and bring to a room temperature

Now in a wok heat 2 tbsp of oil add whole red chili fry a bit and add chopped garlic until fragrant, then add chicken pieces fry on high heat until chicken becomes brown.take it out

Now add 1 tbsp of oil to the wok ,heat and fry sliced onion until transparent ,then rest of the vegetables fry on high heat until little bit cooked but not lumpy, mix in your noodles and chicken until all ingredient are distributed properly

Add chillie garlic paste and soy sauce if needed,

Garnish with chopped green onions before serving

And enjoy , love to hear from my dear readers and thank you for stopping by!!!












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