Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maftoul (daring cooks challenge May 2014)

Assalamo alaikum,

Life gives you lot of challenges sometimes they turn out to be really amazing and sometimes you learn important lessons from it but running away from challenges is something one should never do as how do know what will be the result there is no harm trying right!!My daring cook challenge in May seemed like one big challenge nothing like the one we face in our lives lol!!

The May Daring Cooks' Challenge was hosted by the incomparable Sawsan from chef in disguise. Sawsan challenged us to try our hands (literally!) at making maftoul - hand-rolled Palestinian couscous that is as versatile as it is tasty!

When I started to work on it I was really excited but when I saw my result it made me little anxious but I'm sure if I give maftoul making little bit more practice in sha Allah results will be different.My first experience is not very ideal but I'm sure there is something I'm doing wrong the video ,directions and pictures from the daring kitchen given by Sawsan were very easy but I'm sure If any of you would give it a try result might be different !!!

But I still made some maftoul from scratch using the recipe given by Sawsan and made a dessert out of it using some of my Pakistani ingredient rose water, cardamom and powdered coconut to give it a new taste ,the texture was uneven not pearl like but taste was very good reminded me of maleeda my mom use to make for us from crumbled cooked flat bread .

I was not able to form them in ball or round just crumbled up!!
Passed them through big hole sieve ,I got some even pieces

After cooking they were little sticky

Still made my dessert and enjoyed the taste


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