Friday, June 27, 2014

Mango lime rolls with white chocolate glaze(the daring bakers challenge June 2014)

Assalmo alaikum,
Today I have a confession to make regarding cinnamon rolls , that is I used to not like them you guys must be thinking what kind of a person I'm but the look of cinnamon rolls make me feel how messy that stuff is and another confession I didn't like cinnamon either yeah right but when one of my friend pushed me so much and she was like you are missing on something big ,so when I tried it I liked it and after several attempts now I'm a fan!!!
This month the Daring Bakers kept our creativity rolling with cinnamon bun inspired treats. Shelley from
C Mom Cook dared us to create our own dough and fill it with any filling we wanted to craft tasty rolled treats, cinnamon not required! So I was really excited about but as mentioned we are asked to get creative I was thinking and then I saw big large mango sitting on my counter I was like wallah I'm going to use king of fruit as my filling , I use Paula deens cinnamon rolls dough recipe thats right here.And filling and topping is my own creation I hope you guys will try it and enjoy it!!

1/4 -ounce package yeast
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup scalded milk
1/4 cup sugar + for sprinkling the pan
1/3 cup butter or shortening + 1 tbsp for pan
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg
3 1/2 to 4 cups all-purpose flour
Chopped mango 1cups
Sugar 1/2 cup or to taste if your mango are already sweet
Lime juice 2 tsp
Ginger grated 1/4 tsp
Baking white chocolate 6 oz
Butter 1/4 cup
Milk 1/4 cup
In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water and set aside.
In a large bowl mix milk, sugar, melted butter, salt and egg.
Add 2 cups of flour and mix until smooth. Add yeast mixture.
Mix in remaining flour until dough is easy to handle.
Knead dough on lightly floured surface for 5 to 10 minutes.
Place in well-greased bowl, cover and let rise until doubled in size, usually 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Heat oven for 375 F

Blend together chopped mangoes ,ginger and lime juice in blender to make a thick paste
Now cook Mango purée and sugar medium high until sugar is melted and mixture is thicken
Keep stirring so it won't stick to bottom of your pan
Let it cool completely

Prepare a pan by spreading 1 tbsp butter and sprinkling sugar over it evenly

Now roll out dough into a rectangle ,spread cooled mango mixture on it and roll it (it will be messy)
Cut into 1/4 inch thick rolls with a sharp knife
Place them on prepared pan
Make sure they are not touching each other they will rise so we need that space
Let it rise covered for 1 hr
Now bake them uncovered for 20 min or nicely brown on top
Let it cool a bit if you can resist lol:),
Melt white chocolate in microwave
Then mix in butter and milk

Spread with white chocolate glaze , serve warm and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paratha ( layered flat bread)

Assalamo alaikum,

I miss so many thing living overseas my family ,relatives,my city and food ,oh those delicious Tikkas ,halwa poori ,jalebees and Pathan ka paratha and list goes on and on .specially on lazy weekends when you wake up and don't want to cook anything(I love to cook but just some days !!!)you feel like have fried egg and pathan ka paratha really that stuff crunchy chewy wow I'm like day dreaming right now,wish I could fly to Karachi and eat some of the yummy food!!

Paratha are very famous for breakfast specially for Suhoor in Ramadan ,my sister recently told me a trick that changed my paratha significantly and somewhat taste came closer to parathas in karachi (city in Pakistan ).Today I'm sharing this recipe with you guys one more thing I have never frozen these parathas but I'm going to do so ,I will update on this blog post if it was successful or not!!

I did freeze theses cooked paratha in a gallon sized ziplock bag laid flat and when I needed just defrosted in microwave for thirty seconds and then cook in frying pan no oil ,they were really good so I will surely make and freeze some for Sehri time!!!


All purpose flour 4 cups +1/2 cup extra

Salt 1 tsp

Water (enough to make a soft dough)

Oil 1/4 cup + extra for frying the parathas



Mix flour and salt

Now make soft dough with flour and water

Let the dough rest for 15-30 mins

Make a thick mixture using oil and flour and set aside

Heat your griddle or tawa on medium high heat

Make balls out of dough a little bit bigger than golf ball size

Roll the ball out in a circle and spread oil and flour mixture on it

Make cut in circle from bottom to the middle

Now pick up the cut bottom and start rolling it to form a cone

Now flatten it and leave to rest ( this will make rolling easier) while you make prep others

Roll prepared dough balls into 8 inch round

Cook on one side for few seconds

Then flip over spread one teaspoon oil

Flip again spread one teaspoon oil on other side

Cook until both side cooked and have crunchy brown flecks on both sides

Serve hot with sunny side eggs (that's the way I like it) and enjoy!!!








Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stew style Qeema

Assalmo alaikum,

Today was such an amazing day it was my kids last day of school ,my second oldest son promoted to seventh grade he is going to junior high (middle school) mashAllah !! Kids grow up so fast I can still remeber the first day he called me "ammi"(mom) and the day he took his first steps,my eyes are filled with tears as I am writing mashAllah so many memories and many to make in sha Allah :) A mother's is always filled with Dua's (prayers) for her kids for their health and success!!!


Qeema (ground meat) is always my go to dish as you can cook it in fairly less amount of time and my kids love it ,leftovers are used easily in sandwiches ,quick quesadillas or with pasta so I love to make it .Also Ramadan is coming closer this could be good for Sehri or suhoor too.This recipe is really delicious and has very nice flavors ,so do try it and enjoy it!!!


Stew style Qeema


Qeema (ground meat) chicken or beef 2lbs

Onion thinly sliced medium 3

Oil 3 tbsp

Garlic thinly sliced 8-10 cloves

Ginger thinly sliced 1 inch piece

Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp or to taste

Whole red chillies 4-5

Whole Cinnamon 1/2 inch piece

Whole Black pepper 6-8

Whole bay leaf 1-2

Whole black cardamom 2

Whole green cardamom 3-4

Salt to taste



Heat oil on high in a karahi or wok

Add thinly sliced onion fry on medium high until light brown ,then put heat on until onion ges gold color

Add all whole spice fry for a bit then add sliced ginger and garlic fry for few seconds

Now add ground meat and cook until mixed properly keep stirring

Add salt and red chillie powder

Cook qeema until all liquid is evaporated

Now cook it covered for 10-15 mins on low until oil separates

Garnish with sliced onion and hot chapatis !!: