Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paratha ( layered flat bread)

Assalamo alaikum,

I miss so many thing living overseas my family ,relatives,my city and food ,oh those delicious Tikkas ,halwa poori ,jalebees and Pathan ka paratha and list goes on and on .specially on lazy weekends when you wake up and don't want to cook anything(I love to cook but just some days !!!)you feel like have fried egg and pathan ka paratha really that stuff crunchy chewy wow I'm like day dreaming right now,wish I could fly to Karachi and eat some of the yummy food!!

Paratha are very famous for breakfast specially for Suhoor in Ramadan ,my sister recently told me a trick that changed my paratha significantly and somewhat taste came closer to parathas in karachi (city in Pakistan ).Today I'm sharing this recipe with you guys one more thing I have never frozen these parathas but I'm going to do so ,I will update on this blog post if it was successful or not!!

I did freeze theses cooked paratha in a gallon sized ziplock bag laid flat and when I needed just defrosted in microwave for thirty seconds and then cook in frying pan no oil ,they were really good so I will surely make and freeze some for Sehri time!!!


All purpose flour 4 cups +1/2 cup extra

Salt 1 tsp

Water (enough to make a soft dough)

Oil 1/4 cup + extra for frying the parathas



Mix flour and salt

Now make soft dough with flour and water

Let the dough rest for 15-30 mins

Make a thick mixture using oil and flour and set aside

Heat your griddle or tawa on medium high heat

Make balls out of dough a little bit bigger than golf ball size

Roll the ball out in a circle and spread oil and flour mixture on it

Make cut in circle from bottom to the middle

Now pick up the cut bottom and start rolling it to form a cone

Now flatten it and leave to rest ( this will make rolling easier) while you make prep others

Roll prepared dough balls into 8 inch round

Cook on one side for few seconds

Then flip over spread one teaspoon oil

Flip again spread one teaspoon oil on other side

Cook until both side cooked and have crunchy brown flecks on both sides

Serve hot with sunny side eggs (that's the way I like it) and enjoy!!!








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