Monday, July 7, 2014

Kairi ka sharbat (green mango drink)


Assalamo alaikum,

Summer is here which brings us lots of fun, delicious fruits too specially mango .It is known to be king of fruits and why not it is super yummy umm... now my mouth is watering ,growing up in Pakistan we had the luxury to have such an amazing and delicious mangoes my favourite in Sindhri !!! Before I get carried away with my mango stories let me get back to my post ,we desi's know that there is another aspect of mangoes that we admire ,when it is still raw not ripened yet it is super sour and used it in various pickles and chutneys .

Allah has lots of medicinal benefits in raw mangoes ,it protects us from the scorching heat so it's very common in subcontinent to make kairi ka Sharbat or Aam Panna (as it's called in India ) .it was a must when kairi or raw mangoes were available to make kairi ka Sharbat to beat the heat ,my mom use to make a big batch and we use to enjoy it all summer long !!!because green mango or kairi is available for certain period of time.

The tradition still goes on in my home in Southern California ,so when I saw raw Mango at my local Indian store I was already planing for kairi ka Sharbat and chutney (recipe coming soon)!!

Kairi ka Sharbat:

Recipe :

2-3 Medium size kairi or raw mango

Sugar 2 cups or as needed


Lemon juice (optional)



Cook covered, unpeeled and washed raw mangoes on tawa or griddle until they soft to touch


Set the mangoes aside and let it cool

Now it's time to get messy ,peel the mangoes and squeeze out the pulp

Now cook this pulp with sugar until sugar is fully In cooperated

Now let this mixture cool and blend it in a blender at this point cooled mixture can frozen for upto three months or kept in refrigerator for 2-4 weeks

To make a glass of Sherbet ,pour 2-3 tbsp of this pulpy mixture in a glass, then add ice ,water and sugar if needed and mix well or blend it in blender for frothy Icy drink yumm!! At this point splash of lemon juice could be added for little sour twist :)

We are enjoying Refreshing Kairi ka Sharbat at Iftar time during Ramadan ,I hope you all will enjoy it too!!!