Monday, November 10, 2014

SHOLEH ZARD__Persian Saffron Pudding(MENA cooking club November 2014)

Asslamo Alaikum,

you know procrastination will take you no where as it did to me ever since i saw the challenge after i posted my last months challenge here , i like this time i'm going to give myself lots of time to do my challenge for Mena cooking club but look at me sitting here writing my post with just 4 hrs left .oh what can i say i wont go in details about me right some stuff are hidden best right !!lol

For this month our club member  Sanam from My Persian Kitchen took us on an adventure to Iran actually on a culinary adventure as always we were given three different options and you know my story from above that i had to go an easier route and Sholey Zard came to rescue Alhamdulilah ( all praise to Allah) i was able to do my challenge !!! with some very minor variation i went ahead with the recipe provided by our dear friend Sanam JazakAllah!!!this dessert is quite similar to my favorite Pakistani dessert Meethay Chawal or Zarda Pulao do try that one too!!
so dear reader do try this very simple and yet elegant breakfast that's what i used it as  and enjoy!!



Basmati rice  1/2 cup
water              4 cups
sugar              1 cup
saffron           1/2 tsp
yellow food color       pinch or two
cardamom pods     3-4
rose water            1/8 cup
pistachio sliced


mix saffron with 1 tbsp hot water and let it stand

wash rice until water goes clear

boil rice in an un covered pot with 4 cups of water until tender

add rose water ,cardamom pods, saffron mixture and sugar to rice

cook on medium low until the mixture thicken keep stirring so it wont stick to the bottom of your pot

add some silvered pistachio leaving some for garnishing

served cold or warm i loved it warm, and enjoy!!