Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Homemade Rondo's(Avid Bakers Challenge January 2016)


As you might now my oven  broke down it happened in August i believe and then after that my husband and me were debating about getting it repaired or getting a new one,obviously i wish for a new oven as the one we had has been there since like forever so my hubby agreed and right now we are hunting for good deals , wish us luck so we could get the one we want in sha Allah!!!

In the mean time my baking has been jeopardized and I' have missed baking so much,i feel that baking is kind of a therapy which ends up in some added fat on your body usually right lol,do you guys agree with me or not?So i decided i'm going to use my toaster oven for whatever i can fit and bake in there,like i have roasted a chicken in there yes i did it ,i thought it was not possible but yes Alhamdulilah bit time consuming but results were good!!
Enough of my rant lets get to our Avid Baker's challenge here,today we are making "Rondo's"which are
"Everybody in Holland knows these cakes. We actually call it a ‘koek’ because to us it is more or less the big brother of a ‘koekje’ (a cookie or biscuit)." as per
By the way this year Avid Bakers are using for wonderful recipes choosen by beloved  Hana from"Hana the baker and please do visit her andother bakers to see their hard work here!!

the recipe for is linked here

mixing butter and flour together in food processor

that how it looks after
combine it together to form a dough

Now making Frangipane paste ,we had two option for filling either this or Almond paste i went with frangipane!!

mixing lemon zest,egg and sugar

All the hardwork and this beautiful color!!

Now adding Almond meal (i know the color but i was goood)

spreading bottom of Rondo( it was hard dough to work with)

Now adding the paste which has been in the fridge for an hour
top cover I forgot the egg wash:(

the final look yummy ,sweet and crumbly goodness