Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shami Kabab (Beef Patties)

Asslamo Alaikum,

With such a busy life MashAllah there are some days when you miss your home country a lot where its much easier with  family support or just keeping a maid won't be very expensive right or you can just wish for a magic wand  that you  wave  and all the dishes, laundry ,cleaning and food are done!! but we don't have any of these luxuries  here in a far far away land( sighh... )

I think i should get back to reality that there is a huge load of laundry, dishes to wash and food that needs to be prepared but there comes a aha moment when you remember you have some shami kababs in your freezer,ok let me explain you the importance of shami kabab in the freezer of a desi (or mostly Pakistani) homemakers  is that you can fry them when you have an unexpected guest , or you want a quick meal you can make Shami burger, Shami sandwich , Shami kabab  with daal and chawal(Riceor just shami kabab with ketchup you will survive !!(in sha Allah)
So i would recommend you to make some of these and have them in your freezer so when you are in a situation like me right now,there will be no magic wands needed at least for the food!!(right)




Stew beef 2 pd

Chana daal 2 cups  ( washed)

Onion 1/2 medium sliced

Ginger 1 inch piece

Black pepper corn 10-12

Whole red chilies  3-4

Cloves  6-8

Bay leaf  2-3

Cinnamon stick 1/2 inch

Black cardamom  2

Green cardamom 1-2

Cilantro 1 bunch chopped

Onion 1/2 medium chopped

Green Chilies  3-4 chopped

Salt to taste

Eggs  1-2

Oil for shallow frying


In a pressure cooker ( you can cook it in a regular pot but it will take longer) add  meat,chana daal,sliced onion,whole spices i.e black pepper,cloves,bay leafs,cardamom and cinnamon
Also add whole red peppers and ginger

Add enough water to cover meat  and cook on high for 30 mins until meat is completely tender

Cook on high to dry up any leftover water

Let this mixture cool,remove bay leaf  ,cinnamon stick

In a food processor grind the mixture until smooth and you see no big pieces.check for salt right now before you add raw egg

Add in an egg ,chopped cilantro,green chillies and onion

Now shape them into patties small or large your choice

Place them on a tray and freeze them ,after completely frozen put them in a ziploc bag and fry whenever you need.

There two ways to fry one is after defrosting  shallow  fry them until brown and crispy yum!!

Second way is to after defrosting dip it in whisked eggs and shallow fry ,these kind are mostly used between toasted buns  with  onion,salad,tomatoes,green chutney and ketchup yum yum that's called Shami burger!!