Monday, April 18, 2016

Besan ki Roti (Gramflour flat bread)

Asslamo Alaikum,

Besan or Gramflour is one of the most used flour in desi families ,its really amazing how so many different dishes you can create with it for example a big variety of Pakoras,fried snacks like Sev ,flat breads,naan,pancakes,karhi  ,dhokla, papar and many more!!

Besan is said to have lots of benefit for diabetic patients a it  leads to reductions in blood sugar and insulin concentrations and its gluten -free too.

Today I'm sharing a recipe of besan ki roti which i grew up eating and enjoyed it a lot, specially with the chutney or salad mixture made with chopped up onions,green chillies ,salt and mustard oil yummy!!




Besan or gram flour   2 cups

whole wheat flour   1 cup

Onion 1/2 finally chopped

Cumin seed or Zeera   1 tsp

Ajwain or carom seed 1/4 tsp

Cilantro chopped  1/2 bunch


green chili chopped 1/8 cup or to taste


Oil 2tbsp


                                                Mix together besan,whole wheat flour,onion 
                                           cilantro,cumin seed,Ajwain,salt , Oil and green chili

Now ad water little by little forming soft sticky dough,

let it rest in the fridge for 15-20 mins so easier to handle


                                   Heat a tawa or griddle on a medium high heat

                                   make 5-6 medium sized balls from the dough

roll out the ball to form a 8 inch thick flat bread use 

wheat flour for dusting and easier rolling as dough is going to be very sticky

Put the bread on the hot  griddle  

let it cook for 2-3 min until you see brown speck on the bottom side

turn it over and cook the other side

to make onion and green chili chutney

 mix together 1/2 chopped onion,green chili,little bit chopped cilantro and salt

then add 1/4 cup mustard oil 

                                  Serve hot rotis with the chutney and enjoy!!!