Sunday, January 15, 2017

Feteer Meshaltet "Egyptian Layered Pastry" Mena Cooking club January 2017

Asslamo Alaikum,

Feteer Meshaltet is an Egyptian  delicacy  which is known to served as offering for Gods temple during the time of pharaohs, Now is commonly served at religious holidays and other special occasions,

This buttery and crunchy goodness was one of the dish included in our Mena cooking club "Eygpt" challenge, example link brought me to most amazing blog of Sawsan from "Chef in Disguise" and her outstanding photographs,so I was making the dessert so I went with coconut and raisin filling but knowing my kids that they won't even touch if I put raisins in it!!

The recipe was relatively very easy then I was thinking specially rolling out the dough balls but I think leaving the dough in melted butter "sea" was the key to it, and my beautiful mixer was very helpful too!!

I know it's not a very healthy recipe but yes its crunchy, flaky and buttery delicious, I actually saved half of my dough to make a savory Feteer Meshaltet.





Flour  3 cups

Salt  1/2

Warm Water 1/2- 1 cup ( may need more)

Melted Ghee or butter 1 to 2 cups


Coconut shredded  1/2 cup

Raisins   1/4 cup


mix together salt and flour

now  add warm water and knead until smooth using stand mixer or by hand knead for 15 mins

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Divide the dough in four equal pieces and pour melted butter generously over it and leave it to rest for 1hr

After an hour take one dough ball roll it on a clean buttered surface as thin as possible

Now fold it into thirds then spread butter on between each layer using pastry brush

Same way make the other three

Leave them to rest 30 mins

In the mean time preheat your oven for 380For190C

First spread melted butter on one prepared dough

Then sprinkle shredded coconut on it

Now place other layer of the shredded coconut and then seal the edges by pressing the dough together

Spread cream on top to get beautiful brown color

Bake on the middle rack of oven until golden brown

Cut into pieces and