Monday, January 23, 2017

Mandi (Arabian rice and chicken dish)

Assalamo Alaikum,

Yesterday afternoon when I was thinking about what to make for dinner, guys do you agree cooking is easier to cook than thinking what to cook seriously it's really hard for me, so I opened the fridge  and I saw bowl of  chicken legs and thigh  which I marinated with lemon juice and salt thinking my husband would barbeque it on the grill but  SoCal was getting drenched with much-needed rain Alhamdulilah (Thanks to Allah) so no complains, now back to our original issue what to cook I decided to bake the chicken" Mandi" style

Mandi is famous dish in Arabian peninsula basically mandi is a mixture of spice which is used to marinate the chicken and then also added to the rice for aromatic and delicious flavors, I looked up the recipe the one  cookwithfaiza seemed very appealing and her video made it easy to understand with some variations i.e after adding the mandi spices to my chicken I baked them for around 30 mins at 375F and for Rice i used chicken cubes for stock (as didn't fry or boil the chicken for broth),
 I made the dish and it came out very delicious my whole family enjoyed it I'm sure I'll make this again you aslo give it a try too I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Your questions or comments are highly appreciated and source of encouragement for me!!

Note: I substituted fresh ginger for ginger powder as didn't have it and I used no food coloring a little bit more turmeric and it did the trick!!