Wednesday, February 1, 2017



 I have been wanting to work on this recipe ever since Hana from Hanaa's Kitchen posted the challenge for Avid baker’s challenge. Every year in this group there is a new website and twelve recipes are selected by our dear friend Hanaa and then the adventure begins, so I was saying that I wanted to make The Smitten Kitchen's "Spinach sheet pan quiche challenge for January 2017 but after looking at the long tutorial I was really bummed and kept putting it off.

Finally I decided to make as I already had most of the ingredients at home and I had some time on hand, my main concern was the dough and for sure it gave me some hard time especially in the food processor the amount of liquid mentioned in the recipe was not enough so I had to double the amount of cold water and then my worry was the outcome but Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah) it came out flaky as I think it was supposed to.And I didn't have ant parmesan cheese or cheddar so I used shredded jalapeno cheddar that was available at home, instead of half and half I used regular milk.I went with a tart pan cause that's what I was able to find at that moment but I'm glad I did it gave very nice and crispy edges.

When I look up recipes on the web pictures always makes it easy to understand the recipe so here are lots of pictures to help and the recipe is here.
Thanks for coming over and I hope you'll enjoy!!

Dough almost ready in the food processor

rolled dough 

ready for oven

whipping the cream cheese with hand whisk was no fun but I added little milk it
 made so much easier

after that things became very easy
make sure you oil the bottom part of foil as it made pulling it out so easy
and cover the whole thing as uncovered area will puff
squeeze all the juice out of thawed spinach other wise 
your batter will be too liquidy

I had some leftover spinach mixture that I bake in separate small pan

this quiche was a hit with everybody, ill surely make it again!!