Monday, February 27, 2017

The Brownest Cookie (Avid bakers Challenge February 2017)

Assalamo Alaikum,

Today I'm bringing you the most delicious chocolatiest think ever, this recipe challenge was brought to us by Hanna from Hanaa's Kitchen for our February  Avid Baker Challenge and the recipe comes from Smitten's kitchen which is an amazing blog by Deb Perelman.

Let me tell you about Avid Bakers Challenge, we try out different recipes from the blog selected by Hanaa every month for that whole year.This year our blog is Smitten's Kitchen. In January we made this delicious Spinach Quiche please check it out and also do come back for next month challenge.

Now let's talk about the recipe I believe it was one of the easiest recipe ever no need to wait for butter to softened or stuff like that,  simply used just one bowl for the whole process.But baking was another scenario I'm not saying it was horrible but when I saw my cookies going flat my heart just stopped for a second oh....but Alhamdulillah(All thanks to Allah) cookies came out just fine.Only thing is that follow the recipe here as is and result is delicious fudgy and chocolatey cookies.