Friday, June 15, 2018

Sheer Korma (ghee free) Eid Eats 2018

Asslamo Alaikum,
Eid Mubarak to all the readers today is the day to celebrate .we fasted the whole month of Ramadan refrained ourselves from eating in the daytime and other different acts which are otherwise permissible .we stood nights in prayers Allah blessed us with the day of Eid.

Being a Pakistani our Eids are literally incomplete without Sheer Korma which consists of Seviyyan, milk, wide variety of nuts, sugar, and ghee. Growing up I was never a big fan of sheer korma.but after moving to United State I tasted my khala's (maternal aunts) sheer korma and I fell in love instantly so creamy and luscious(and yet light)!!! I will give all the credit for the recipe of this delicious sheer to my aunt.
making this is quite time-consuming but the end result is just amazing I would recommend you to try it. 
Today I'm bringing this delicious Sheer Korma to #EIDEATS2018 a virtual Eid party organized by the amazing and talented ladies Sarah @Flour&Spice,Henna from @ChaiandChurros and Asiya from @ChocolateandChillies 


vermicelli /seviyyan 150gms packet

half and half milk 1/2 gallon

whole milk 1 cup

Condensed milk  14oz can

Nuts of your choice 1/2 cup


the process starts with breaking the seviyyan while they are in the bag into small pieces, then dry roasting it in a  large nonstick pan on a low heat this is the most time taking process. On the other stove boil half a gallon of half and half milk and one cup whole milk, simmer on low medium heat and frequently stir until it almost 3/4 of its original quantity. 

While milk is simmering you will be roasting your seviyyan you are roasting on low heat so it won't burn easily but keep stirring it once in a while. its a labor of love!!

we looking for this color in the end now add it to the milk which is on simmer. Now cook on medium heat until thickened ( the roasting process is quite slow but its main process of this dish so don't skip, you can roast it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge or freezer until you are ready for the final step.


then add one tin can of sweeten condensed milk keep stirring so the milk won't get burned from the bottom. When thickened to desired consistency add chopped nuts ( you won't see nuts in my main serving dish cause my kids don't like it with nuts)

Now your delicious, thick and creamy sheer korma ready to serve enjoy it hot or cold both ways delicious!!

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