Sunday, July 1, 2018

Malai Kulfi (Pakistani Frozen Dessert)

Assalamo Alaikum,

When somebody special is coming over to your home especially when it's your one and only brother and his family, my husband was teasing me that oh you are making special food only cause of your brother ;)!! I think sisters have a special attachment to their brothers for me I am the youngest of the family and he is the oldest I always admired him for being such a responsible and caring person.

He and my bhabi( sister in law) supported us (me, my husband and our kids) immensely when we first migrated here in the USA. We also got a lot of support from my Parents to settle down here.

Today I want to share the  dessert I made for that day very delicious "Malai Kulfi" which consist of  simple ingredients and lots of stirring and waiting, I believe there are lots of easier kulfi recipe but this time I went with harder recipe and I would say I'm glad I did because results were amazing, It was enjoyed and praised by each one of my guests .

So please give this recipe a try I'm sure you'll surely love it in sha Allah!!

Malai Kulfi


Half and Half milk 1/2 gallon

heavy whipping cream 1 Quart

Sweetened Condensed milk 14 oz can

saffron strands few (optional

Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp or Cardamom pods 4-6( I used cardamom pods as my husband doesn't like overpowering cardamom taste and took the pods out before freezing the kulfi)

Chopped Pistachios and Almonds (optional)


Bring to boil half and half milk and heavy whipping cream with cardamom pods or powder and saffron strands in a non-stick heavy bottom pan

then keep simmering it on medium-low heat until milk is reduced to  3/4 of its quantity keep stirring it frequently so the milk won't burn in the bottom.

Now when the milk is cooked down add sweetened condensed milk keep stirring and cooking until its thick enough that you run them on your spatula it comes out clean.

pour it in  the molds if you are using nuts add them at the bottom of the mold

freeze overnight at least for best result

take them out when you are ready to serve just dip in a bowl of hot water.

 serve with chopped nuts and enjoy!!