Saturday, January 10, 2015

"KNEFAH" Mena cooking club January 2015


Here it is Mena Cooking Club challenge ,this month country of choice was Jordan and our host was Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz ,as always we were given three different kind of dishes to choose from i.e soup,entree , dessert and this time there was a bonus recipe of a Jordanian bread too .lots of variety but  my eyes got stuck to the delicious looking dessert which i have never eaten before the example recipe looked a little hard but i was like dessert.. i gotta make it so i started searching high and low was interesting to find out same dish made different ways around Arabian countries.watched lot of you tube video this one  just caught my eyes and i decided to go with this one with some minor changes.

i hope that you all will enjoy the recipe also give this new dish a try as we do at Mena Cooking Club  do come and join us on a new country adventure next month!!


ingredients :
Khataeif shredded phyllo dough 1/2 packet

sweet cheese or mozeralla cheese 1 lbs

sugar 1 1/2 cup

water 3/4 cup

rose water 2 tsp

lemon juice 1 tbsp

ground pistachios  1/4 cup

butter 1/2 cup  and 2 tbsp

orange food color 1/4 tsp


cut cheese in small cubes (if using regular mozeralla soak in cold water for 6 hrs or over night chanign water twice)

drain cheese in a colander and  dry completey with paper towel

with your compleltey mash the cheese

melt 1/2 cup butter in a saucepan

make a syrup by heating sugar, water and lemon juice ,cook for 10 mins on medium high heat

add rose water and let it cool

cut shredded phyllo dough into 1 inch cubes

in a large bowl  thoroughly combine  melted butter  and shredded phyllo dough

now grease a round pan using 2 tbsp butter spread food coloring on the pan

spread 1/2 of  phyllo dough on the pan and press it in the pan using flat spatula or your clean hands

now add a thick layer of mashed cheese

press it down

now add other 1/2 of phyllo dough on top of cheese and press it down firmly

now bake it in 350 degree oven for 40 mins or until its brown on top

take it out of oven and invert it on a plate

decorate with ground pistachios and

i used syrup on the side as i wanted it crunchy and people can control the amount of syrup they wanted

serve hot with syrup and enjoy!!!

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